Masters of Martial Arts Academy

Adult students have come to us for many reasons over the years, these are comments from some adult students who have attended our classes.

“My confidence has grown so much since I started training with the Masters of Martial Arts and my fitness has too.”

“I managed to defend myself successfully against an attack and it was only twelve weeks after my first lesson. I can’t thank the Masters of Martial Arts teachers enough.”


“The Martial Arts programmes are not too difficult to learn and I feel absolutely great every time I go.”

“I know I am training with the best team of Martial Arts Instructors in the North West. We train hard but we have fun while training. I love it!”


“We had a drunk come into a meeting and he became very aggressive. He then grabbed a pool cue which was on a wall and threatened a member of staff. I approached him but he took a swing at me and then without thinking I disarmed him using the techniques I learnt at The Masters of Martial Arts. I was able to restrain him until the police arrived and they arrested him.”

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