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“Since joining The Masters of Martial Arts Academy in Accrington Andrew and Joanne have become more confident in themselves and much more outgoing. As caring and concerned parents we found Masters of Martial Arts Children’s programmes great. It’s far to easy for kids to just sit at home watching TV or playing console games. We were looking for a school for the children to learn to look after themselves. Since the children have been training at The Masters of Martial Arts Academy in Accrington they have met new friends and the The Masters of Martial Arts teachers and staff are helpful and very friendly.”

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“My daughter was 4 when I decided that in to days environment she would need to be a confident child and responsible adult. My Wife and I were recommended to The Masters of Martial Arts Academies as we were told of their very high standards. We looking at a number of clubs and even had some free lessons But I can honestly say that we decided to join The Masters of Martial Arts Academy . They offered a safe, educational, well structured rewarding and fun teaching environment for our daughter.”

“Our Son James started to have problems at his new school he was being bullied by slightly older, bigger children in his class. He has always been a happy sociable child but when this happened he became withdrawn and a different child . We didn’t really know how to handle this problem and responded to an article by The Masters of Martial Arts Academies. It said that they could help him to build his confidence and give him the skills to help him grow into a confident and mature teenager. Its over 2 years now since he started training and the difference it has made to him is remarkable. No more sleepless night for him or us”.

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“Our Hannah was a shy little girl. She would sit back and let others take first turn at everything and we were worried about her development. The Masters of Martial Arts Academy provided the perfect solution and with the self defence and leadership skills they started to have a really positive impact on her. We were so impressed that since joining Both myself and her Father have joined the Senior classes which has helped us all to develop as a family giving us all something in common .”

“I would have no hesitation in recommend The Masters of Martial Arts Academies to any parent. They have been established now for over 35 years and I joined them 20 years ago They are now teaching my grandchildren! I can’t believe that the time has gone by so quickly. The always to ensure that their students are taught the necessary skills to deal with all of life’s ever changing opportunities and challenges.”

“Our daughter has just obtained her Black Belt at the The Masters of Martial Arts Academies. During this last 5 years she has gained, discipline, fitness self confident and self esteem. The Masters of Martial Arts Academy has turned her into one focused and determined individual..”




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