Masters of Martial Arts Academy

The History of Masters of Martial Arts

Originally founded in 1981 by Master Martin Dixon, teaching a system called Goshin Kempo Ju Jitsu.

Master Martin Dixon who started his Martial Arts Training at the age of 12 has in the last 43 years travelled the world extensively learning under some of the great masters in Japan Europe and the USA. Continually searching for new and innovative ideas that he could pass on to his students to keep them at the top of their knowledge tree.

Having gone from Strength to Strength over those years using Master Dixon’s 43 years of expertise he felt it was time to encompass what the schools had become and there was born the “Masters of Martial Arts”.

We are honoured to be full members of The British Ju Jitsu Association GB which is The National Governing Body for Ju Jitsu in the UK in addition to being members of The United Nations of Ju Jitsu, a friendship body that expands across Europe and affiliated to the JJIF, which is the World Governing Body for Ju Jitsu. We are also a member of The Martial Arts Industry Association who has over 2,500 professional Instructors registered with them.

With all this history and expertise behind us, you can be assured of what we believe to be the finest instruction available.

What will the Masters of Martial Arts Academies teach you?

Not only is the system of Ju Jitsu the most effective of Self Defence Programmes but through our cutting edge innovative programmes it’s a means for Personal Self Development, Character Education, Self Respect and Self Discipline. All of which contribute to raising of Self Esteem.

Dealing with outside pressures, the ability to concentrate and channel energies means better school work, grades and results.

Our systems enable you to learn very effective streetwise self defence skills, giving you tools to help you with the physiological aspects as well as physical aspects of confrontations.

Progression to using traditional martial arts weapons is eagerly sought by our more senior students who are keen to examine and learn both the practical and aesthetic roles of them.
Our whole philosophy is based around “The Six Pillars of Society” by encouraging our members to understand and develop “Trustworthiness, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, and Decision making”, which all go to making us all better citizens.

“By Caring and Sharing we teach respect every day”.

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