Masters of Martial Arts Academy

Please be advised this is the first time we have held this event at the Headquarters and although we have worked hard to ensure this event goes to plan there may still be some teething problems.

We ask everyone to be patient and arrive on time.

We respectfully ask everyone to Wait in your cars until it is their exam time.

Anyone traveling by Taxi or public transport Please contact Mrs Angotti on 01254 884333 and she will allocate you a special waiting room where we can seat 30 people on a first come first served basis. You don’t need to bring any refreshments as the exam is only 30 minutes. There are no Spectators allowed in the Examination Rooms.


Students from Blackburn Masters of Martial Arts taking White Belt, Yellow Stripe and Yellow belt will be 09.00am
Doors open at 08.45am

Students from ALL Other clubs taking the same belt of White Belt, Yellow Stipe and Yellow belt will be at 09.30am

Those taking the belts of Orange Stripe, Orange and Green Stripe will be at 10.00am

Those taking the belts of Green, Blue Stripe, and Blue will be at 10.30am

Those taking the belts of Purple Stripe, Purple, and Brown Stripe will be at 11.00AM

Brown Belts 11.30am

Masters of Martial Arts Academy Headquarters
Oxford St.
New Main Entrance Taylor St West.

Exit when students leave after their grading will be by the NOW Re-Named REAR EXIT at the rear of the building.

Car Parking available off Oxford St on ATS Tyres, On Taylor St west and the Car park on
THE LARGE CAR PARK Ellison street next to Jewsons.

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