Masters of Martial Arts Academy

Cooperation. We know we’re living in a new economy. We are being floated right into a new economy. Do you know all things that are happening in the economy are good? Well, you may think they’re bad, most people do, but they’re not. When something is really bad, it’s really good. We’ve got to get rid of the old way before the new way can come in. That’s called the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.

Well in the old economy, it was all competition. I’ve got to beat you, you
beat me. The new economy is cooperation.  We’ve got to learn to cooperate. We’ve got
to learn to get along better. You know when two people come together in cooperation, you’ve got real power. When you bring two minds together, you automatically create a third. Now imagine a team of people all cooperating on one idea. They’ve got power going for them—enormous power. 

Do you cooperate or do you compete? Remember this: “Amateurs compete, professionals create.” And the people that are most creative are the ones that are most cooperative. Work together. You’re going to find that it works well.

It works for me. and you know something? It will work well for you.

Spend a few minutes thinking about that. Think, “How can I be more cooperative today?” I don’t care if it’s the waiter in the restaurant. Whoever it is, be considerate. Be cooperative, don’t compete. Be pleasant, be courageous. It takes great courage to do that sometimes. You’ll be glad you did. And you know something else? You’re developing one of the habits of great leadership. Its what we do at Masters of Martial arts Thank you for reading this. 

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