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Give your child a head start on life.

Our Little Dragons Preschool program is a detailed curriculum to help your child develop motor skills, listening skills and a foundation for success in school. We believe that the preschool age is a critical time in a child’s development. Our program focuses on the following skills in a fun and safe environment: At Masters of Martial Arts, we start our younger children with Dragon Tots program (for ages 4-5) and in our Little Dragons program (for ages 5-7).

The training and education at this level of instruction focus more on the pillars of society that we all aspire to: fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, caring, citizenship, self-respect, self-confidence, respect for others, and much more. We introduce the children into a healthy, stress-free, environment. The Little Dragons learn how to explore and challenge their own abilities. Introducing your child to martial arts is a decision not to be taken lightly. Enrol your child in the wrong school, and the results could be disastrous. Masters of Martial Arts, we take this decision very seriously. Come down and sit in on any of our children’s classes and you will see the results for yourself.

Physical: Coordination, Balance, Fitness, Control, And Basic Motor Skills

Mental: Focus, Memory Discipline

Emotional: Confidence, Leadership Positive “Can Do” Attitude

Our instructors receive monthly training on how to work with children with disabilities, including ADD and ADHD.


  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Teamwork
  • Sharing
  • Listening Skills
  • Honesty


  • Stranger Awareness
  • Emergency 999
  • “Break Away” from Danger
  • Phone Number

Learn in a Fun and Safe Environment

Masters of Martial Arts, parents are always welcome. Our caring instructors will make your child feel right at home.

When we are not working hard in class, we are celebrating a birthday or holiday.

Learning Does Not Stop Once They Leave the Mat

It is not all fun and games…Little Dragons are expected to practice their lessons at home. The children will earn “stripes” for promotion through their accomplishments on and off the mat. Each week we focus on a life skill such as focus, discipline, respect etc. The children are given “homework” to practice their skills.

Life Skill Stripes

Little Dragons will earn coloured stripes for successfully accomplishing tasks related to the following five life skill areas.

Blue – Mental Skills such as Focus, Self-discipline, Mental Skills and Memory

Emotional Skills such as Confidence, Attitude and Leadership

Physical Skills such as Balance, Coordination and Fitness

Interpersonal Skills such as Teamwork, Cooperation and Respect

Safety Skills such as “Stranger Awareness” and “Dialling 999”

Belt Progression

Children will progress at their own pace. However, you can expect that your child will be promoted to the next belt level every two-three months

Harry and Friends Black Belt Principles

This is a children’s DVD series focused on teaching the principles of good character with a martial arts theme. The DVD series teaches the lessons your children need to succeed in school and in life! All children, whether they take martial arts or not can benefit from the lessons taught through this exciting new series of character building DVDs

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